"A bittersweet, tender, exploration of many kinds of love."

-Helen Klein Ross

award-winning author of What Was Mine

Rosie Collins makes everything dazzle. She's magnetic.  Rex Thorpe is serious and unsentimental. Yet when the two meetRex is swept up in Rosie's manic tornado of love. But, just as opposites attract, they also cause friction.Rosie is illuminating but she's exhausting. How long can you look at world lit up so bright?  


Now their daughter, Willow, is navigating two worlds after their divorce. She is desperately in love with her sparkling mother and deeply resistant to her strict and rigid father but as Rosie's swirl of heightened emotions cuts a wider swath, heartache looms--as does hope.


Whimsical, heartbreaking, uplifting, Rosie Colored Glasses is a novel about the important things in life; about all the many ways love can find you. It is about the struggle to make sense of a world of extremes—extreme loneliness and extreme love; about how the human heart may break, yet is resilient and can heal. Ultimately it is about love’s power to transform you, even if it can’t save you.

"Brianna Wolfson has done a marvelous and generous thing by writing Rosie Colored Glasses. I followed Willow with a hopeful, breaking heart."

- Nancy Thayer

New York Times bestselling Author of Secrets in Summer

Rosie Colored Glasses is tender and bright. Brianna Wolfson has captured so brilliantly the demons and angels... of love and longing.

-Luanne Rice

New York Times bestselling Author of The Beautiful Lost

A wonderful, passionate, tragic novel.

-Phyllis Spinale

Wellesley Books 

Rosie's story is, in many ways, my story...

The Inspiration for the Novel

Rosie Colored Glasses begins with love, imagination and wonder, then slides into haunting loss and longing, but oh how love... bursts forth. 

-Carol Fitzgerald



Full of joy, sadness, both heartwarming and heartbreaking, compassionate, and tragic. Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotion.

-Maxwell Gregory

Lake Forest Books